Great news for everyone who has been patiently waiting for the Steam Deck to arrive. Launch day is almost upon us!

The Steam Deck officially launches on the 25th of February and for those of you who were quick enough to get your reservation in, you’ll be able to place an order.

How it works is pretty simple. If you got your order in then you’ll receive an email inviting you to place your order. Once you’ve received this email, you’ll have 72 hours to place your order, and for anyone who doesn’t make an order in that time, it will then move on to the next person in line.

If you were hoping to pick up the Steam dock at launch, unfortunately that won’t be shipping until spring. However, all is not lost as you’ll be able to hook your Steam Deck up to an external display without it.

We’re really excited about the Steam Deck, but unfortunately ours aren’t due to ship until Q2, so it will be a little while until we get our hands on one.

Let us know if you’ve ordered one, and if so, when is it due to ship!

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