Redmagic 6

Who ever said that mobile phones are getting boring? RedMagic is launching a gaming phone in collaboration with Tencent.

There will be two devices launching, the RedMagic 6 and the 6 Pro. The standard 6 includes a Snapdragon 888 processor, active fan cooling, and a 1080p 6.8 inch screen. That display also boasts an impressive 165Hz refresh rate!

Along with the impressive display, the touch sampling is up to 500Hz for single touch and 360Hz with multi-touch. This basically translates into super fast processing of when you touch the screen, meaning you’re less likely to miss that golden headshot.

The RedMagic 6 Pro is pretty similar, but it can house up to 18Gb of RAM and also supports charging up to 120W, allowing the 4500mAh battery to fully charge in 17 minutes.

International release plans are scheduled for 16th March, so for those of you who are eager to up your mobile gaming experience, you won’t have long to wait.

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