Vampire The Masquerade - Walk Among Us


Vampire The Masquerade – Walk Among Us is a collection of three novellas set in the World Of Darkness universe. All three novellas follow a different character set in different stories, all with their own level of intrigue. I listened to these on Audible, and the narrators all did an incredible job of injecting life into these stories.

Book One – A Sheep Among Us

The series of novellas all show very different perspectives. The first, a mortal who is slowly discovering something odd is going on. She soon finds herself drawn deeper into the world of the Kindred. It’s an interesting listen, although it feels a little petty towards the end. However, there is plenty going on and lots of twists and turns to enjoy.

Book Two – Fine Print

The second novella follows a newly embraced vampire and is a whole lot of fun. The narrator, Neil Kaplan, does an absolutely incredible job, really bringing this to life. I loved the main character and all of his flaws, how he approached thinking he had the upper hand in his bargain with the Camarilla. It’s a dark story. One that demonstrates the monstrous nature of the vampires in this universe, and oh boy, is it fun following Duke in his new un-life.

Book Three – The Land Of Milk And Honey

The third story was perhaps the most interesting, although I enjoyed it the least. It follows a much older Kindred who has set up a community on a farm. Of course, it’s not quite what it seems on the surface, and actually doubles up as a blood farm for the Camarilla.

When a new character is introduced, the protagonist begins to fall for her. All sense and reason slowly go out the window as emotions get in the way. Combined with background politics and scheming, things get extremely interesting, and listeners are treated to the largest glimpse into how this world works. It’s an interesting story, and I feel most listeners will like it the most out of the three, but for me the slower pace and calmer delivery had me zoning out more often than I did with the first two.

All in all this collection of Vampire The Masquerade novellas was just what I was looking for. They’re all different enough in their own way to keep the listener engaged, but I do wish they were longer. There’s enough substance in all of them to turn them into something more, and I now wish that Audible had more audiobooks from this franchise.


To sum up, this was a really good listen, and a must if you’re a fan of the franchise or genre. There were some really good, dark themes throughout, and the stories told were well written, and narrated.

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