pokemon legends arceus

Gamefreak just held their first Pokemon Presents since 2019, and it was a pretty big deal for Pokemon fans.

First up, they announced the remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but they weren’t the most exciting things they had to show.

By far the most enticing little trailer was Pokemon Legends Arceus, a prequel that takes place in an open world Pokemon for the first time. You’ll be heading to the Sinnoh region to complete their first Pokedex, armed with Pokeballs that look pretty different to what we’re used to.

Players will need to explore the world, learning different Pokemon behaviours to help you track and capture them.

Battling is still a thing. When you find a wild Pokemon you apparently hold your Pokeball out toward it, and then bam, you’ll begin the battle. Not much has been shown of that yet, but it’ll be pretty interesting to see how the older battle mechanic fits with this new style.\

Pokemon Legends Arceus is coming in 2022, so we don’t have too long to wait. The trailer is linked below, so be sure to check it out.


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