2020 was an exciting year to be an Apple fan. We got a whole new line of Apple Silicon with the M1 Macs and MacBooks, and 2021 is showing few signs of things slowing down.

We don’t know what to expect from Apple this year when it comes to their iPad lineup, but we have a few ideas.

Base iPad

The entry level iPad is rumored to be taking on the 3rd Gen iPad Air design, basically slimming things down a little. Apart from that, not much is meant to be changing.

iPad Pro 12.9

The biggest changes seem to be with regards to the iPad Pro 12.9, which is rumored to be getting a refresh as early as March 2021. The devices would retain the same design, but the screen would see a boost with the inclusion of a Mini LED display.

These displays are meant to make their debut on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, moving onto other Apple hardware later in the year, bringing better power efficiency, brighter screens, and lower risk of burn in.

There are also rumors that the iPad Pro 12.9 will see an M1 processor, but we honestly believe there is little chance of that happening right now. Maybe in a few years this will be the case, but Apple are stubbornly keeping MacOS and iPadOS as two separate platforms right now.

iPad Air and Pro 11

Last year the iPad Air took on the iPad Pro 11 inch’s design, leaving out a few notable upgrades, including pro-motion and the quad speakers. However this year we have to wonder if there will be a refreshed 11 inch pro.

There hasn’t been any sign of it on any rumors, and with the two devices being so similar it would make sense for the iPad Air to take the iPad Pro 11’s place.

What does this mean for the Pro lineup? Well personally we are hoping we might even see a larger Pro!

For more on our thoughts, check out our video below where we cover off some of our thinking and reasons we believe some of this will happen!

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