Google just held their Stadia Developers Summit, and there was some huge news coming out that will make the game streaming platform even stronger!

Our video is up on YouTube, but for a quick recap, carry on reading.

First up, they’re offering new porting tools that will make it easier than ever for developers to bring their games to Stadia. This is a huge step forward, as developers previously had to work with a different set up tools, meaning it cost them more time and money to bring their games over to Stadia.

The next thing on their agenda was a new revenue split. Google will now offer 85% of the revenue made from a game, to go directly to a developer. This makes it a more attractive split than other platforms, and could start to tempt some developers over.

Along with that, developers will also be able to get a share of revenue earned from Stadia Pro subscriptions. Their earnings will vary depending on how much their game is engaged with, but this will hopefully persuade more game developers to put their titles on Stadia Pro, making the service even stronger in the future.

These are just some of the highlights coming from Google regarding Stadia, but they are big steps. Not only is the process of getting a game onto the cloud gaming platform easier, but it’s more attractive than ever.

Fingers crossed this means we will see more titles landing on Google Stadia in the future!

For a more in depth overview, check out our video below.

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