Cyberpunk has been hitting headlines lately, but in another win for Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, the game will be arriving on that platform.

GeForce Now recently landed on iOS and iPadOS, giving mobile gamers another avenue to play their games, so this will come as welcome news for gamers all over.

The game will be available to play in 1080 at max settings thanks to Nvidia’s hardware, and if you pay to upgrade your subscription you’ll get longer play sessions, and be able to jump the queue.

Although you can stream this from Google Stadia, you won’t have a local copy, so if you’re just biding your time until either Nvidia or AMD can provide you a new GPU, then this might be a good way to play. Buy it on Steam, GOG, or Epic, and then you have a local copy for a later date!

We will be going hands on with the game tomorrow, and bringing you an update on what it’s like to play on Nvidia GeForce now.

In the meantime, check out our impressions on the service for iOS below.

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