If you’re a fan of premium feeling keyboards for your iPad Pro, then Brydge has got you covered. This time however, they’ve upgraded their keyboard to include some extremely nice changes!

The Brydge 12.9 MAX+ delivers the same premium quality Brydge is known for, only now it looks even more like a MacBook than ever. The trackpad is huge, and the magnetic mount makes detaching your iPad Pro easier than ever.

We’ve used the older Brydge Pro keyboard for our iPad Pro, and the thing feels premium and performs extremely well. It’s always felt like something that Apple would have developed themselves, and the new one looks even better.

The trackpad supports the multi-touch gestures that you’ll find on Apples Magic Keyboard, only it’s a lot larger. The keyboard also has a row of function keys, something sorely missing from the Apple Magic Keyboard.

To attach and detach the iPad, it’s a simple case of placing it against the magnetic mount. This lets you use the keyboard case just like a traditional laptop, with a hinge style that everyone will be familiar with.

The only drawback we can see is that it connects via Bluetooth, so there may be some latency issues. Only time will tell how much of an affect that will have on the overall usability of the device.

Another benefit is the price. Although it’s still pretty pricey, it’s £229, £100 cheaper than Apples own offering.

We are pretty excited about this keyboard and will be doing our best to get ahold of one and bring you a full review. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, and we will be back shortly after it launches in June.

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