Apple Mac Leaks and Rumors 2021

2021 is shaping up to be a pretty interesting year when it comes to Apple. The Mac and MacBook lineup have some exciting things coming, included a new 14 Inch MacBook, and a redesigned iMac.


First up on the rumor agenda is the new MacBooks, which have a number of changes coming.

As reported last year, we will see a new 14 inch MacBook Pro replacing the higher end 13 Inch Intel MacBooks. These new MacBooks will share the same physical footprint as the 13 inch models, but include a new larger display with smaller bezels.

Launching alongside these will be a new 16 Inch MacBook Pro, both of which will use Apple’s latest silicon, most likely in the form of an M1X Chip.

What’s perhaps more exciting is that these new models will gain a range of ports long abandoned by Apple. No longer will users be cursed by dongles, gaining things like an SD Card slot, HDMI, and a full sized USB A. Along with this, MagSafe is making a return.

As Apple brings back some long forgotten ports, they will also be tossing out the TouchBar. Love it or hate it, the TouchBar has been a point of contention amongst users.


Joining the new MacBooks will be a redesigned iMac. Apple has used the same design for what feels like an eternity, and thankfully we are in for a change. 2021 will see the first iMac redesign, giving us something close to the Apple Pro XDR Display.

Unfortunately for those holding out for FaceID on their iMac, it won’t be coming this year, most likely due to a limitation in the distance the technology can scan your face.

Release Dates

The release dates are up int he air at the moment, with some analysts claiming they will launch in the first half of the year, and others saying the second half.

Personally, from everything I have seen so far, I think we will see an iMac and MacBook refresh sometime toward the end of March, with the end of the year being reserved for the second gen of Apple Silicon devices.

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