Apple Airtag Unboxing

We’ve got our new Apple AirTags in and today we’ve unboxed them and had a good play. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to check them out yourselves, so be sure to have a read and check out our video as well.

In case you hadn’t already seen, Apple held their 2021 Spring Event, revealing a number of things. Amongst all the tech that got announced, the long rumored Apple AirTags finally made an appearance.

These little coin like devices work with the ‘Find My’ network, allowing users to get a very precise location for the items they pair up. If your mobile phone has a U1 chip, the iPhone 11 and up, then you’ll be given directions and distance to your lost AirTag.

When we tried it out, we were incredibly surprised just how accurate these things are. One of us hid a tag in the house, and using my iPhone 11, I was able to find it hidden away with no issues at all.

Apple have included a number of smart functions to help prevent these being used for any darker tasks like tracking someone, making the AirTag warn a user if it is attached to them without their knowledge.

The Apple AirTags are available for £29 per tag, or £99 for a pack of four. Considering this is Apple, the value is actually very copetitive.

To check them out in more detail, be sure to watch our video where we unbox and go hands on, taking a deeper dive into the Apple AirTags.


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